Why Nutrition is Essential for the Restaurant Industry

Nutrition is of utmost importance to the restaurant and food service industry, as people rely on these operations for some of their meals. Restaurants should strive to provide menu items that allow customers to make nutritious and balanced choices. Displaying nutrition information in restaurants helps customers select foods that will maintain their health. By doing so, restaurants can promote more frequent visits and improve business.

Nutritious foods are essential for all aspects of life. They keep us healthy and help us reach our potential, while also strengthening our communities and boosting our economies. Increasing the availability of nutritious foods, making them more affordable, and reducing inequities in access to food is key to our future. This is why the Secretary-General of the United Nations convened the historic Food Systems Summit this year.

This Summit brings together all actors in the food system, including civil society, non-profit organizations and NGOs, farmers, governments, research and private organizations, to open the way to a world in which good food for all is a reality.

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